Understand key factors driving your industry, products and competitors.
Determine the most effective marketing strategy for your product offering. Develop and implement a road map for sustainable Profitable Growth.
ESS Business Strategies Inc.
Sussex Centre, Suite 401,
50 Burnhamthorpe Road
West Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Our Marketing focus is on the following key areas of business:
• Industry and Market Research
• Competitive Intelligence
• Marketing plan development
We provide support to Senior Level Managers and Teams. Our consultancy is grounded in providing clarity of direction for achieving Sustainable Profitable Growth for manufacturing companies.

Emerson Suphal leads our Management Support Unit. His broad Senior Management and Entrepreneurial experience was gained in the Medical Products, Automotive Parts and Metal Stamping Tooling industries in Canada and the USA.
Let us work with you in applying "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™ to your initiatives.
Contact us today to discuss your business requirements; and we can advise you with proven knowledge and processes to achieve your goals for profitable growth.