Strategic Management Seminars
Our timely Public and In-House Seminars & Workshops offer ready-to-use knowledge for critical initiatives in Strategic Management, Marketing, Manufacturing and Team Effectiveness. Seminars may be tailored to your company and offered at your choice of location.
Managing for Industry & Product Life Cycles
Many Management Teams meet once a year to review their previous year's results and develop plans for the next operating year. They review forecasts for sales, elements in cost of sales, gross profit and other expenses with the objective of growing their company.
Formulating & Implementing Strategy
Translating strategic plans require effective implementation planning. This is particularly true when the departure from current strategy is significant. This timely seminar will discuss aspects of implementing strategy and the pitfalls that must be avoided if they are to be effective in achieving Profitable Growth.
Practical Strategic Managing for Medium and Small Manufacturing Companies
Successful Project Management directly affects company performance. It makes demands on critical time, financial and human resources. This seminar will review all elements of Project Management to help you successfully manage your projects.
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