Managing the Cost of Quality
Create a Path to Profitable Growth.
Our timely one-day seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between the Cost of Quality, Increased Sales Revenues and Profitability. Quality Assurance goes beyond Statistical Analysis and Control. It requires a synthesis of people skills, technological & analytical methodologies and process controls in all departments of a manufacturing company. Understand the dynamics of the costs of quality and how to reduce and manage them. Acquire "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™ and secure your competitive advantage. The impact of Poor Quality on profitability is direct with far reaching consequences. It is also preventable and manageable. Reduce costs, increase competitiveness and add to profitability.
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Who Should Attend:
• General Managers,
• Sales Managers,
• Marketing and Product Managers,
• Production Managers,
• Team Members from Production,
• Customer Service & Accounting
Learning Opportunities:
• Fundamental Concepts of Quality
• Situational Assessment of Quality
• Improving Quality & Reducing Costs
• Quality Planning & Impact on Sales Revenue
• Strategic Quality Management
• Engineering for Quality
• Organizational Design for Quality
• Understanding Customer Needs
• Supplier Relations & Warranty Costs
• Manufacturing Planning for Quality
• Marketing and Customer Service
• Administrative and Support Services
• How you can contribute to your company's profitability.
Acquire "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™ and secure your competitive advantage.
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Acquire Skills to:
• Increase Customer Satisfaction
• Increase Sales Revenues
• Reduce & Manage the Cost of Quality
• Create an awareness of the impact of costs of
quality on profitability
• Apply "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™ and
increase your competitiveness
Managing the Cost of Quality
Registration: $500 + HST (#83526 1348)
Public Sessions:

February 27th, 2018 - 9 AM to 4 PM
March 8th, 2018 - 9 AM to 4 PM

Seminar Location:

Mississauga Living Arts Centre
Sussex Centre

Management reserve the right to change venue to another close location based on number of participants.

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