Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing
Our one-day seminar was designed to provide you with ready to use skills for the formulation and implementation of Continuous Improvement initiatives.
Improve manufacturing efficiencies and to provide you with "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™.and productivity. Acquire "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™.
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Who Should Attend:
• General Managers,
• Production Managers,
• Supervisors & Team,
• Quality Assurance Managers &
• Human Resources Managers &
Learning Opportunities:
• Introduction to Continuous Improvement
• Developing a Customer-Oriented Focus
• Benefits of CI to Manufacturing
• Cellular Manufacturing
• Tools & Techniques for CI
• Acquiring Problem Solving Skills
• Managing Continuous Improvement Programs
• Continuous Improvement on the Production Floor
• Leading People for CI
• Avoiding Failure
• Getting Started on Continuous Improvement
Acquire "Knowledge for Profitable Growth"™ and secure your competitive advantage.
*This seminar can be tailored to your company and offered at your choice of location. Please contact us for details. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements; and we can advise you with proven knowledge and processes to achieve your goals for profitable growth.
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Acquire Skills to:
• Re-define your manufacturing practices
• Develop and Manage Continuous Improvement
• Lead People in Continuous Improvement
• Link Production floor initiatives to Profitable
Many companies initiated Lean Manufacturing practices years ago and will find it useful to review and re-visit concepts and practices. It is particularly beneficial for new employees coming into a Lean environment. Our program is intended for both seasoned and new employees working in a Lean Manufacturing as well as employees in companies which have not yet adopted Continuous Improvement & Lean Manufacturing practices. The benefits of Lean Manufacturing show up on a number of fronts including: Employees Morale, Effective Teams, Job Satisfaction, Lower Absentee Rates, Higher Productivity, Lower Scrap Rates and increased Profitability. Attend this timely one-day seminar and acquire skills to start your company on the journey of Lean Manufacturing and increased Profitability.
Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing
Registration: $495 + HST (#83526 1348)
Public Sessions:

*venue: The Mississauga Living Arts Center

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