Manufacturing Seminars
Our timely Public and In-House Seminars & Workshops offer ready-to-use knowledge for critical initiatives in Strategic Management, Marketing, Manufacturing and Team Effectiveness. Seminars may be tailored to your company and offered at your choice of location.
Managing the Cost of Quality
Our timely one-day seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between the Cost of Quality, Increased Sales Revenues and Profitability.
Production Work-Cell Leader Seminar
This timely one-day seminar provides a practical guide to the new or experienced production work-cell leader.
Continuous Improvement & Lean Manufacturing
Our one-day seminar designed to provide you with ready to use skills for the formulation and implementation of Continuous Improvement initiatives to improve manufacturing efficiencies.
Building Effective Teams in Production
Effective teamwork on the production floor is one of the pillars for sustainable Profitable Growth in manufacturing companies. Our timely seminar was specifically developed for the production environment.
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